Julia Nunes live in doghouse 2/6/09

Julia Nunes will be Live in the Doghouse with baddog on Friday 2/6/09 at 7pm est. The interview will be streaming from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. We won't be really doing a conventional interview. Julia and her managers are aware that this will be a streaming comedy show, and Julia is going to be part of the comedy. The Doghouse is most definitely NOT a meemaw-friendly show. In deference to the fact that Julia Nunes' mama is probably going to watch the show, we will make a serious effort to clean up our language a bit. The subject matter that is likely to come up, however, ain't always going to be rated PG. Our comedy is improvisational, and the language is probably not going to play well with parents of minors. I must tell you that we do intend to introduce Julia to redneck words like mammyrammer and goobersmoocher. She's a yankee, and we can't let her visit the South without giving her the best education that we have at our disposal. She's young and impressionable. It will be good for her, and good for our audience.


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