The Internet has gone Simple Minded

nobody cares about anything anymore

     What is with the trend on the internet that everything has to be suitable and simple minded as a first grader pop-up book? It used to be fun to go on websites and find fascinating and "creative" websites which it actually was a "talent" to admire. Colorful websites, artwork, original content and enjoyable to see was the name of the game. Sounds like that type of website is a thing of the past, I guess. Current trend in website design is a white background with a few words on it and nothing else. If you have more than that, everyone complains and moans about it because their I-phone don't load it right. You can even see this trend on the "major" sites also. Facebook has become one small, boring strip at the top of the screen. Google is now just a white screen with the name in the middle with a search bar. Is this a trend for simple minds or creative design gone out the window?

     I am not much on sugar coating things and rather give you a staight forward answer. "Creativity has left the building". Nobody cares about anything anymore. Hollywood movies are nothing more than remakes of a remake of a remake. Oh boy, superman movie, but this time, lets put his red panties on the inside of his pants. That movie was garbage, pure, utter, garbage and everyone claims it was great. It was filled with unorganized, random jumping around, make no sense, and impossible to follow storyline (not sure if it had a story). I have lost track of how many times batman and spiderman have been retwerked. I see the new kids movie coming out is named "planes", so much different from the movie "cars" with talking animated vehicles.

     Online gaming creativity has been lost in the mix also. World of Warcraft needs to change its name to World of RepeatCraft. Do the same dailys over and over, then do your dailys again. What a borecraft. Don't forget about clickville, or some people call farmville. oh boy, click, I planted a farm. Lets give people more exciting things to do and we will call it "Farmville 2". It will be so much different. Oh boy, click, I planted a farm (yep, different).

     Television is not even worth watching anymore. Almost every channel you turn on is either "rednecks" doing stupid crap or about some twisted, no talent, annoying woman that is only famous because she made a sex video. If there wasn' for HBO and their great series, I would never even watch tv.

    So this is my rant for today. If you agree or disagree, please leave your comments.


Bob "BadDawg" Dilts
the original GrumpyCat


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