What is this MyTwerkz and DawgsDump all about?

what you need to know about MyTwerkz and DawgsDump
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Social Media comes in many forms on the internet, one source is the MyTwerkz funny social group. Huge changes have been taking place in the world of the doghouse and wanted to give you an update on whats happening.

Like many of you website owners know, website host can be your best friend or worse nightmare. One host can store mass information, but cant show a picture without problems. Another site can play hours of music, but won't let you store information. (The list can go on with problems). So to utilize strengths and Make things functional, MyTwerkz.com has branched to a syndicated network of websites. Each site will have its own purpose and original content. Things are going to be changed and added, but to give you an update of plans as they stand for today, here is the proposed plan:

     Social Media site sharing the buzz in comedy, humor, news, video games, entertainment, style, shopping, world news, technology, and original content

Mytwerkz will be the mothership for you to find friends, hollywood gossip, video games and forums (you know the cool things). DawgsDump will be the rant site and a "behind the Scenes" of whats going on in the world of twerking media. It was felt that seperating the two was needed, so one process don't interfere with the other. It is kind of like professional wrestling. You have the people that like the matches, and you have the ones that like the "behind the scenes" (who gonna job for who). This plan has been unofficially named, the Fun and Pun.

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If you smell what I was cooking
 Storage of media has been a headache, so a plan been started to fix that issue. We are currently using pinterest and likes.com as our photo databases. Pictures take up a lot of storage and since they are able to handle this quite well, might as well utilize it. Likes.com is fast becoming a big favorite because of great people on there and ability to handle gif file animation. Youtube is the plan for videos and video series currently in the planning stages. This may change because of annoying interuptions with their advertisements, instead of just playing the video. Don't get me wrong, they have to pay the bills, but messing with the product is so annoying.

Expectation and reality meet, and sometimes, things have to be changed. The original planned website at wix.com may have to be scraped because of database issues. For showcase purposes or showing your images, the website is the top of the list to use for web hosting. Even the most novice of website owners can setup a website to look and act like they want. Only problem the host has, no database for storing articles for the website. It uses third party apps for you to use, but for search engine purposes, it is like you don't even have it or even connected to your website. The great "experts" of the internet cosmos, say to use Tumblr for your website needs. From experience so far, this site has been nothing but a headache to use and take care of and probably will be scraped.

The whole process is a work in progress and will continue to change as ideas come and go. Please stay tuned as things progress and offer your support. If you have any ideas or suggestion, feel free to drop them off.


Bob "BadDawg" Dilts
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