Cool things to see on the internet

         If you are like me, you are always looking for cool things to see on the internet. So I put together a list of things you may be interested in checking out. Take a look

1.  Discover the latest breaking news including Kanye West's paparazzi fiasco and the return of "Glee"

2   Loving this new game Empire Four Kingdoms! Download and prepare for battle >>
                            Everyone is Loving this new game!
3. Child Stars - Then and Now Famous child stars - then and now:

4. Worst Comic Book movies Top 7 worst comic book movies ever >

5. Free food! Get FREE food! Sign up here >>>

6 CAUGHT! Find arrest records online  CAUGHT! Find arrest records online here

7. Track Cell Phone Numbers! Sneaky! Track where your friends are with their cell phone >>>

8. Worst Celebrity Tattoo Mistakes OMG Have you seen these celeb tattoo mistakes?? Brad Pitt, Eve, Johnny Depp →

9. The Nashville Tour de Fat The Tour de Fat is all about bikes, camaraderie and weirdness.

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             Top 23 Social Media Power Influencers


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